Reactive Curb Tool

Prior to the development of the Boulder Curbside Management Implementation Guidebook, when landowners, residents, or businesses requested changes to the curb uses, the city lacked an objective and standardized method to respond to these requests. This tool guides city staff in responding to requests for changes to curbside designations in a way that is consistent, data-driven, and transparent.

To use this tool, select the curb type being requested, then answer each question to determine if implementation is recommended. For some curb uses, there are "deal breaker" questions prior to the flowchart, which may dictate the feasibility of implementation. This tool will sum the scores of the response to each question. The summed score will then fit within one of three ranges:

  • Highest score: yes, the curbside request should be granted. Refer to the cut sheets for guidance on implementation.
  • Middle range of score: professional judgment should be applied to confirm that the curbside request should be granted.
  • Lowest score: no, the curbside request should not be granted at that location; but city staff should work with the individual filing the request to identify other solutions such as a nearby location.

Static versions of these flowcharts can be found in Appendix E of the Guidebook.