Select a curb face to update data attributes

Proactive Curb Tool

Select the block face being assessed. Fill in the total length of each curbside use on the block by measuring on aerial imagery or in the field. The tool will generate a pie chart showing the distribution of curbside uses on that block face. Perform separately for each block in question.

The first chart shows the existing distribution of curbside designations, i.e., the share of the block face currently allotted to each category of curb uses. The second chart shows the recommended curb distribution: in the future, based on the street's curb typology, this block should support this distribution of curbside categories.

If the selected block face has both existing curb use data and a typology with a recommended curb distribution, this tool will recommend curb uses to be added or removed to move this block towards the goal identified in the future pie chart.

Please select a curb face on the map pane.

Please select a curb face on the map pane.